Used Porsche 718 Cayman Review – The Perfect Combination of Power and Luxury

Whether you are buying your first sports car or your tenth, there are some things to look for when buying a used Porsche 718 Cayman. Check for engine over-revs, coolant loss, and suspension wear. Also, make sure you have a PCM 4.0 infotainment system installed.

Check For Coolant Loss.

Keeping a check on the coolant level in your Porsche 718 Cayman is important. It can help you avoid overheating and damaging the motor. If you notice a loss in the amount of coolant, you should contact a Porsche service centre to have it checked out. Check out the huge inventory of Porsche 718 Cayman

Porsche 718 Cayman Coolant Loss

The heater in your 718 relies on a hot coolant from the engine to provide a comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment when the weather is chilly. If the heater is clogged or stuck, your car may overheat.

You can check for coolant loss on your Porsche 718 by opening the hood and finding the coolant overflow reservoir. Then, you can top up the system to ensure the proper amount of fluid.

A heater core that has mineral deposits can block the flow of coolant. You can flush the core by pouring water through the inlet and outlet hoses.

Another way to determine if your Porsche 718 is losing coolant is to perform a system pressure test. During this process, a tube filled with coloured liquid is placed in the radiator. If the coloured liquid leaks, the leak will be visible. You should replace the cap if it is leaking.

You can also replace the head gasket. It will prevent a coolant leak in the engine. It can also seal combustion gases in the cylinders.

You might be surprised to know that the heater in your Porsche 718 has a thermostat. This device cuts off the coolant flow through the radiator when it gets too hot. It allows the engine to reach the optimal temperature quickly.

There are many other reasons for a heater not to work. Most common include a faulty blend door actuator, a dirty cabin air filter, or a clogged heater core.

Check for suspension wear.

Whether buying a used Porsche 718 Cayman or simply keeping your current car, it’s essential to check for suspension wear. A worn suspension can result in a hard ride, poor handling, and excessive tire wear.

A flashlight and a gloved hand can easily detect some common suspension problems. If your car shakes, bounces, or squeaks over bumps, the suspension is likely starting to wear.

Porsche 718 Cayman Suspension Wear

Another type of suspension wear that can be difficult to spot is a loss of alignment. Losing alignment can cause your wheels to point in different directions, leading to accelerated tire wear.

Some other everyday suspension wears include broken or worn plastic bushings. Rubber bushings can also become worn down with time.

Aside from causing your tires to wear unevenly, a worn shock top mount can make it hard for your car to stay correctly aligned. Generally, shock top mounts are easily replaceable.

Another possible problem you’ll find with a worn suspension is a rotor leaking oil. If this is the case, the rotors have worn through. It can also mean that there is the dissolution of the rotor, which can be uncomfortable to drive.

Check for engine over-revs

Whether you’re buying a new or used Porsche 718 Cayman, there are a few things to look for when checking engine over-revs. These issues are not something you should ignore. They may cause damage, but they could also shorten your engine’s life.

First, check the timestamp on the engine lid. You’ll be able to tell if it’s an old engine or one that has been re-engineered. You should also be looking for previous indications that fluid service was performed.

Porsche 718 Cayman Engine

Another thing to look for is the open vent design of the cooling system. It means that debris can build up around the sides of the radiators. This can result in uneven tire wear and a weak suspension. If this happens, you’ll know you need to get the car to a professional for repair.

Finally, remember to look at the engine’s coolant level. A low coolant level can be caused by a faulty AC condenser or a failure in the radiator. You’ll want to replace these items as soon as possible.

If you see one of these problems, you’ll need to get your Cayman to a Porsche dealership for service. You can also find an independent Porsche repair shop that can make the repairs inexpensive.

A used Porsche 718 Cayman engine is a mid-engine, horizontally opposed six-cylinder. This naturally aspirated engine is based on the same engine family as the turbocharged motors found on the 911 Carrera. The naturally aspirated engines rev higher and are more powerful. It has a unique sound.

It’s important to remember that these issues are rare. The average Cayman owner will likely never experience a problem, but you should be aware of the potential for these issues.

Repair a Bearing

Fortunately, Porsche 718 Cayman owners have options for repairing a bearing. A Porsche specialist can inspect your car for any potential issues. In addition, LN Engineering, the makers of the patented LN Engineering brand bearing, offers replacements that are longer lasting than the original factory-fitted bearings. They may even extend your Porsche’s lifespan by a few years.

Porsche 718 Cayman Repair A Bearing

There are two types of bearings in the Porsche 718 Cayman: wheel and crankshaft. Both are susceptible to damage from curbs, potholes, and other factors. In addition, contaminated grease can wear down wheel bearings.

The most common IMS bearing failures are those for the 3.4-litre model. These engines have a dual-row IMS. If you have a manual car, you should have the clutch replaced.

Fortunately, the IMS is one of the more affordable components of the engine. You can get a bearing replacement from LN Engineering or your local Porsche repair shop when it fails. Afterwards, your car will be better off than it was before.

Aside from repairing a bearing, you may need to replace the alternator. Alternator problems can cause your car to die after a jump start and be expensive to fix. You may need to change the AC condenser, too. You should also think about your oil change schedule. If you do not, the car will wear down faster.

Regardless of which type of bearing you have, if you are experiencing problems with the engine, you should not drive the car. If you do, you are increasing your risk of letting metal fragments ricochet into the engine. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has strict standards for safety.

The best way to find out if your IMS bearing needs repair is to have a Porsche repair specialist inspect your vehicle. They are knowledgeable and can help you determine whether it is time for an upgrade.

Get a PCM 4.0 infotainment system.

Whether you are a first-time buyer of a used Porsche 718 Cayman or you are looking to upgrade your current vehicle, there are many reasons why you should consider getting a PCM 4.0 infotainment system. This central control unit for the infotainment system provides various functions to help you maintain a safe driving experience.

Porsche PCM is the standard feature in every Porsche vehicle. It provides the driver with voice controls and a touchscreen that can be controlled with multi-touch gestures. These great features make the system easy to use, especially when you are behind the wheel.

Another new feature in PCM 6.0 is wireless Apple CarPlay support. It allows you to connect your iPhone to your car and control your phone’s features from the touchscreen. You can play music, send and receive messages, and control your phone’s functions. You can even make hands-free calls.

You can also access real-time traffic information through the Navigation Plus feature. This feature uses information from the satellite map to show traffic on individual lanes. You can then choose to view the information in five different colours.

You can also control the sound from your PCM 4.0 system. You can listen to music or make calls through a mobile device, and the system will adjust the sound accordingly. It will also display the Like and Go to Radio buttons. You can also link your Spotify account to your Porsche ID. You can then enjoy 70 million songs and 3.2 million podcasts from the comfort of your car.

You can also connect your smartphone to your Porsche PCM 6.0 through the new Porsche Connect App. 

You can control the navigation and other car functions from your smartphone. You can also access your calendar and contact information.


Q: What type of fuel does the Porsche 718 Cayman use?

A: The Porsche 718 Cayman uses premium unleaded gasoline.

Q: What is the top speed of the Porsche 718 Cayman?

A: The Porsche 718 Cayman has a maximum speed of up to 177 mph (285 km/h).

Q: What are the safety features of the Porsche 718 Cayman?

A: The Porsche 718 Cayman has a range of advanced safety features, including adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and blind spot monitoring. It also has airbags throughout the cabin and anti-lock brakes for additional protection in case of an accident.

Q: How much does the Porsche 718 Cayman cost?

A: The base model of the Porsche 718 Cayman starts at around $60,000 USD. However, prices can increase significantly depending on the options and packages chosen.


If you’re in the market for a new or used Porsche, there are many reasons why you should consider getting a PCM 4.0 infotainment system. This central control unit for the infotainment system provides a host of functions that can help you maintain a safe driving experience. It’s also easy to use, especially when you’re behind the wheel. Another great feature of this system is wireless Apple CarPlay support, which allows you to connect your iPhone to your car and control your phone’s features from the touchscreen. You can even make hands-free calls!